Frequently Asked Questions


The Bacoban DLUS™ surface disinfectant has a substantial list of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that it kills, including SARS-COV-2.

The lipid envelope of a bacteria or virus are critical structures for benzalkonium chloride to function and kill the microorganism.

BAC (Benzalkonium chloride) works by disrupting the phospholipid layer of the membrane.

The Bacoban DLUS™ surface disinfectant is a nano-technology using a SiO2 polycondensate that enables it to provide a controlled release of the active germ-killing ingredient (0.3057% Benzalkonium Chloride). This is a matrix structure that houses the active ingredient.

USP-grade alcohol is a pharmaceutical-grade alcohol that has a higher level of purity and therefore safer for our uses on the skin. The USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, an organization that develops quality and safety standards for medicine, food, and dietary supplements. We only supply hand sanitizer products containing USP-grade alcohols.

Technical grade alcohols are alcohol products that are used in industrial applications and contain carcinogenic compounds like acetaldehyde. They are not considered safe for human uses, like hand sanitizers, despite the Canadian government approving their temporary use during the pandemic. They are known to cause cancer and should be avoided for anything you plan to put on your skin. Always read the labels and avoid these at all costs!

The Inzo-Fillwell brand hand sanitizers contain glycerol, which helps keep skin from drying out. That being said, overuse might still cause some irritation and dryness.

When a company obtains an ISO certification, like Guardian Chemicals Inc., this means that the company has established a formalized quality, safety, and business standards practice in its operation. This international quality standard is something that only dedicated and diligent companies are able to achieve and maintain. It is governed by a regulating body with inspections and audits to ensure companies are following the quality management standard required. Also, lots of paperwork, and lots of check and balances - quality isn't free! 

The higher the alcohol content, the better the hand sanitizer is at killing germs. While the CDC, Health Canada, and WHO all state that 60% is the minimum alcohol content, we feel that it is important to provide a higher quality sanitizer with higher efficacy. Just remember, alcohol evaporates fairly quickly; once a product is opened to the air, it is possibly losing that alcohol percentage through evaporation. If you only use a 60% alcohol content product, what is the percentage after 1 month? Or three months? With our superior Inzo-Fillwell(tm) products, the minimum alcohol percentage is 70% (by volume) and our liquid hand sanitizers are 75% for isopropyl liquid and 80% for ethanol liquid, amounts that are considered medical-grade and approved for use in medical and institutional settings.