Canadian Manufacturers

Know where your products come from

We have sourced high quality materials from exceptional manufacturers. This means no cutting corners, no sub-par ingredients; only the safest, most effective products for our customers. And we take pride in this fact. Our relationship with an ISO certified manufacturer for Inzo-Fillwell products might not make it the most inexpensive product line on the market, but the assurance that is created in having ISO certification manufacturing processes is invaluable.

Guardian Chemicals Inc.

Sturgeon County, Alberta

Guardian Chemicals is an ISO certified chemical manufacturer capable of high-volume production. The combination of capacity and quality made Guardian the ideal partner for these ventures, and we are proud to provide not only locally made, but ISO quality, which is unique in the hand sanitizer trade. We are happy they pivoted with us to pursue new markets with their exceptional hand sanitizer and disinfectant products.

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, COR Alberta

Voran Group Ventures Ltd.

British Columbia

Voran Group is an established Canadian company that has secured the formulation for the BacobanĀ® DLUS products. They found the technology and characteristics associated with this European product to be exceptional and felt it would make a positive impact in our new reality. Voran Group has their products blended and packaged in British Columbia for distribution Canada-wide.